Charlie Day Wife? All About Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Charlie Day is a name that’s been on everyone’s lips for years now, thanks to his hilarious performances in movies and TV shows alike. But today, we’re not here to talk about Charlie himself – we’re here to take a closer look at the woman who stole his heart and has been by his side for years: Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Who is she? What does she do? How did they meet? We’ve got all the answers you need right here in this blog post! So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about Charlie Day’s lovely wife!

Who is Charlie Day’s wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis?

Mary Elizabeth Ellis is a talented actress who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. She was born on May 11, 1979, in Laurel, Mississippi and grew up in Alabama. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Ellis started her acting career with small roles in TV shows like “The Practice” and “Without a Trace”. But it was her role as “The Waitress” on the hit show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” that really put her on the map. Charlie Day (who plays Charlie on the show) actually wrote the part specifically for Ellis after they had been dating for some time.

In addition to her work on “It’s Always Sunny”, Ellis has appeared in numerous other TV shows and movies over the years, including “New Girl”, “Master of None”, and “A Quiet Place Part II”. She is known for playing strong-willed characters with sharp comedic timing – much like her real-life husband!

Off-screen, Mary Elizabeth Ellis is a devoted wife and mother of one son. She and Charlie Day have been married since March 2006, tying the knot just months before their hit show premiered on FX.

How long have they been married?

Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis have been married for over a decade. The couple tied the knot on March 4, 2006, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Their relationship started long before they got married. In fact, Day and Ellis first met while attending college together at Merrimack College in Massachusetts. They were both members of the same theater group on campus, and it was through this shared interest that they became close friends.

After graduation, Charlie Day moved to New York City to pursue his acting career while Mary Elizabeth Ellis stayed behind in Massachusetts to continue her studies. However, their love story was far from over as they continued dating long-distance until eventually getting engaged.

It wasn’t until several years later that the couple finally decided to tie the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony held at a private estate in California’s Santa Monica Mountains.

Despite busy schedules filming hit TV shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (for Charlie) and Master of None (for Mary Elizabeth), these two seem more than happy with each other after all these years!

What is Ellis’ background?

Mary Elizabeth Ellis was born on May 11, 1979, in Laurel, Mississippi. She spent most of her childhood growing up in the Magnolia State before moving to New York City to pursue an acting career.

Ellis graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and later studied at The Second City Training Center in Los Angeles.

While her acting resume is impressive, it’s worth noting that Ellis also has experience as a writer and producer. In fact, she co-wrote several episodes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” alongside Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney.

In addition to her work on “It’s Always Sunny,” Ellis has made appearances on numerous TV shows such as “New Girl,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and “The Grinder.” She’s also had roles in films like “Masterminds” and “A Quiet Little Marriage.”

Mary Elizabeth Ellis is a talented actress with an impressive background both on screen and behind the scenes. Her hard work ethic has led to many successful projects throughout her career thus far.

What projects has Ellis worked on?

Mary Elizabeth Ellis has had a prolific career in both film and television. One of her most notable roles was playing “The Waitress” on the hit TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which also happens to be where she met her husband Charlie Day.

Aside from her role on It’s Always Sunny, Ellis has appeared in numerous other TV shows including New Girl, The Grinder, and Santa Clarita Diet. She has also acted in several films such as A Quiet Little Marriage and Masterminds.

Ellis is not just an actress though; she has also dabbled in producing with the short film called Mother of the Week. In addition to that, she co-wrote and starred in a web series called The Right Now Show.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis’ acting talent and range have allowed her to work on various exciting projects throughout her career. Her creativity as a producer and writer only further exemplifies how multifaceted she is as an artist.

How did Day and Ellis meet?

Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis first met while attending college in New York City. They were both studying at the same university, where they took classes together and eventually became friends.

Their first encounter was actually during a theater production that they were both involved in. Though they didn’t have any romantic interest in each other at the time, their friendship grew over time as they continued to work on various projects together.

It wasn’t until years later when Charlie cast Mary Elizabeth as “The Waitress” on his hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that sparks began to fly between the two of them. Their on-screen chemistry quickly turned into a real-life romance, and the couple eventually tied the knot.

Even though they now work together regularly on It’s Always Sunny, Charlie says that he always tries to keep things professional around Mary Elizabeth on set so as not to let their personal relationship interfere with their work dynamic.

It’s clear that their shared love for performance has been instrumental in bringing these two talented actors together – both personally and professionally!

What are some things the couple enjoys doing together?

Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis have been married for over a decade, which means they’ve had plenty of time to find activities that they both enjoy doing together. One thing that the couple enjoys is traveling. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, Charlie and Mary love exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

When they’re not on the road, Charlie and Mary are often found spending quality time with their kids. The couple has two sons together, so family outings to amusement parks or hiking trails are popular weekend activities.

Charlie and Mary also share a love for comedy. It’s no surprise given their backgrounds as actors in comedic roles. They’ve even worked together on several projects like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” where they play an on-screen couple.

In addition to their shared interests, Charlie and Mary also appreciate each other’s individual pursuits. For example, Mary is an avid runner while Charlie prefers lifting weights at the gym. Despite having different hobbies sometimes, they always support each other in pursuing them.

It seems like Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis have found a great balance between spending time together as a family while still nurturing their own personal passions.


To sum up, Mary Elizabeth Ellis is a talented actress who has made her mark in the entertainment industry. She met Charlie Day while they were both students at New York University and they have been inseparable ever since. They have now been married for over 13 years and continue to support each other’s careers.

Ellis’ career has included roles in popular TV shows such as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Grinder”. She has also had supporting roles in films like “Masterminds” and “A Quiet Little Marriage”.

Charlie Day often praises his wife for being his biggest supporter throughout their relationship. The couple enjoys spending time with their two children, traveling, hiking, and trying new foods together.

It’s clear that Charlie Day found the perfect partner in Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Their love story proves that true love exists even in Hollywood, where relationships can be tough to maintain. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors!